Dreaming doesn’t make dreams come true

There comes a time in our rest when sleep loses its value. This is especially true when you compare it with the only alternative, being awake.

My bad dream
Last night I had a “bad dream”. I add quotes because I’ve had bad dreams where my family gets hurt or I’m chased by some scary creature. It wasn’t that kind of bad dream. In my dream I brewed the last scoops of coffee beans that our friends gave us. The “scary” part of the dream is that I put in too much water. The coffee was ruined. I still remember feeling panic and dread in my sleep. Then I woke up and thankfully the coffee is fine. Dreams aren’t worth staying in bed for, even the good ones.

sleeping wife by http://www.sxc.hu/profile/marklph

The limited power of sleep
Sleep does have a purpose but I”m grateful that I’ve realized it has a limited one. It’s not worth staying in bed for more of it if you can get up early instead. If I would have stayed asleep today I would have missed only one thing, opportunity for more dreams. I’ve been up for an hour now, enjoying well brewed coffee, reading a book and writing. Being awake is better than sleeping when you have the choice. You do have the choice.

How to achieve what we dream of
Sleep is important but you don’t need more chances to dream. You need to make more chances to make your life’s dreams true by waking up early.

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A poem for the Early To Rise book

Shadows in Prescott by http://www.sxc.hu/profile/aveyinc



I ran into a friend and saw he was in a rush
I told him of a place pure, pregnant with wisdom and time.
He scoffed and waved his hand to dismiss.
He said that place had no power.
He claimed to be a person of the later hours.
He admitted he had never been to where I invited him.
He had never felt the peace of its solitude and stillness.
He rushed away, late as usual.
He needed more time.
Exactly what I had offered.
Exactly what is available to him every day.
Exactly what he had dismissed the moment before.



Sample of the audio version of Early To Rise


The power of audio is that it can be consumed while we’re doing something else. You can drive, exercise, or mow your lawn, all while consuming audio. Taking time to read the written word is important but it’s also only one medium for consuming information. My goal with Early To Rise is to make it accessible to you however you want to consume it. Above this post you can listen to a sample of the audio from the section entitled “Why get up early?”.

Music lover by http://www.sxc.hu/profile/fnavarro

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This book could go on forever.
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This process will go faster and smoother next time. This time I’m just learning. I’m OK with that.