Early To Rise is now available on Amazon.com

As you can see the book is now live on Amazon!! Thank you for helping me develop this experience for you and the many others who will be learning to rise early.

If you’ve read the book please leave a review on Amazon.

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Remember that everyone who buys the book also gets access to:

  • Full audio version
  • 30 Days of email encouragement with text and audio from the book
  • Every format of the book, iBook, Nook, Kindle and PDF

A poem for the Early To Rise book

Shadows in Prescott by http://www.sxc.hu/profile/aveyinc



I ran into a friend and saw he was in a rush
I told him of a place pure, pregnant with wisdom and time.
He scoffed and waved his hand to dismiss.
He said that place had no power.
He claimed to be a person of the later hours.
He admitted he had never been to where I invited him.
He had never felt the peace of its solitude and stillness.
He rushed away, late as usual.
He needed more time.
Exactly what I had offered.
Exactly what is available to him every day.
Exactly what he had dismissed the moment before.



Sample of the audio version of Early To Rise


The power of audio is that it can be consumed while we’re doing something else. You can drive, exercise, or mow your lawn, all while consuming audio. Taking time to read the written word is important but it’s also only one medium for consuming information. My goal with Early To Rise is to make it accessible to you however you want to consume it. Above this post you can listen to a sample of the audio from the section entitled “Why get up early?”.

Music lover by http://www.sxc.hu/profile/fnavarro

The daily emails are being assembled and all of the parts of the book will be assembled by the start of next week. Next week I’ll do some testing of the delivery of the book in its different formats and then we’ll go live on Amazon.

I hope you enjoy the sample audio and remember that if you’re signed up as an Early To Rise Insider you’ll get all versions of the book (iBook, Kindle, PDF, audio) free. You can sill sign up here till we launch on Amazon.

The list is growing and endorsements are coming

This book could go on forever.
Every day I add new content to the book. At some point I have to stop and ship this thing. I think I’m 99% done at this point. There are now 503 people signed up for the Early To Rise Insiders so that’s 500 copies of the book that will go out for free. If you’re not on the list yet you can join by clicking http://www.earlytorisebook.com/list.

I’m asking about ten people to endorse the book and I hope to have those back in a week or so. The response from readers has been great so far and I’m grateful that I know a few people whose name might help the book sell a bit more.

Every time I add content I also add more typos but they’re getting discovered and fixed quickly thanks to the large amount of helpful Insiders.

This process will go faster and smoother next time. This time I’m just learning. I’m OK with that.

A new cover and text or no text? (updated)

I’m using Pixelmator to create the cover for The Early To Rise Experience and today made some major changes to the cover.

1. No text at all?
I considered going the Seth Godin route and just using a picture for the front of the book but I wussed out and put a bunch of text. I’m not sold on adding text and would appreciate your opinion on no text vs. text. Here are two covers from Seth’s Domino Project books. One note; his most recent book does have text on the cover.

2. New cover design
The image of the ugly green slippers on the even uglier carpet is staying but I’ve revised the cover for the book. I’d love to hear your thoughts.



Here’s a new version since most of you liked the old title. Still working on a sub-title vs. no sub-title at all. Please continue to comment. Thanks.

3. 430 Insiders
430 people have signed up to be Early To Rise Insiders and get advanced copies of the book. Thank you if you’ve signed up and if you haven’t then click in the sidebar to join. I’m working on version #3 of the book right now after making several revisions so stay tuned tomorrow or Wednesday for the lastest version in Kindle, iBook and PDF.

The target release date is still mid January.

Please share this post with anyone you think would like an advanced copy of the book as well.