A new cover and text or no text? (updated)

I’m using Pixelmator to create the cover for The Early To Rise Experience and today made some major changes to the cover.

1. No text at all?
I considered going the Seth Godin route and just using a picture for the front of the book but I wussed out and put a bunch of text. I’m not sold on adding text and would appreciate your opinion on no text vs. text. Here are two covers from Seth’s Domino Project books. One note; his most recent book does have text on the cover.

2. New cover design
The image of the ugly green slippers on the even uglier carpet is staying but I’ve revised the cover for the book. I’d love to hear your thoughts.



Here’s a new version since most of you liked the old title. Still working on a sub-title vs. no sub-title at all. Please continue to comment. Thanks.

3. 430 Insiders
430 people have signed up to be Early To Rise Insiders and get advanced copies of the book. Thank you if you’ve signed up and if you haven’t then click in the sidebar to join. I’m working on version #3 of the book right now after making several revisions so stay tuned tomorrow or Wednesday for the lastest version in Kindle, iBook and PDF.

The target release date is still mid January.

Please share this post with anyone you think would like an advanced copy of the book as well.

Where I get more Early To Rise ideas

Writing can be difficult and coming up with ideas can be equally challenging. Mark Levy’s book Accidental Genius taught me a method of idea creation that leads to very prolific writing. It’s very simply called “list making”.

Here is a list of ideas I came up with in about 10 minutes of brainstorming.

Things that motivate us
Things that don’t motivate us
People who don’t motivate us
Motivating periods of life
Motivation to rest
Motivation to stay awake later
Things to do when you wake up early
Where not to go when you wake up early
Where to go when you wake up early
Where to go on the internet if you wake up early
Things to aid better sleep
Apps to help you sleep better More ideas…