Sample of the audio version of Early To Rise


The power of audio is that it can be consumed while we’re doing something else. You can drive, exercise, or mow your lawn, all while consuming audio. Taking time to read the written word is important but it’s also only one medium for consuming information. My goal with Early To Rise is to make it accessible to you however you want to consume it. Above this post you can listen to a sample of the audio from the section entitled “Why get up early?”.

Music lover by

The daily emails are being assembled and all of the parts of the book will be assembled by the start of next week. Next week I’ll do some testing of the delivery of the book in its different formats and then we’ll go live on Amazon.

I hope you enjoy the sample audio and remember that if you’re signed up as an Early To Rise Insider you’ll get all versions of the book (iBook, Kindle, PDF, audio) free. You can sill sign up here┬átill we launch on Amazon.

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