The Early To Rise book is shipping Monday

I’ve been working at my chiropractor’s office all day. The power is out at my downtown office for today and likely all weekend because of an underground explosion. A few lessons.

1. Use Dropbox.
Everything I’m working on for my book is in the cloud with Dropbox. No desktop, no problem.

2. If it was easy I would have already done it.
I’m not sure how long I expected this to take but it’s taken this long. It’s work to put something like this together because it has many moving parts. It’s design, technical knowledge, creative marketing, failures and risks.

3. Don’t look for excuses, look for resources.
I worked at my chiropractor’s office today because it was close to my office, it was warm and he has wifi. It was a productive day despite the complications. Look for ways to get it done and not reasons to not get them done. Both are options, just choose the one that gets it done.

This post might be an excuse for not finishing my work. So I’ll hit “publish” now. Stay tuned.

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