The list is growing and endorsements are coming

This book could go on forever.
Every day I add new content to the book. At some point I have to stop and ship this thing. I think I’m 99% done at this point. There are now 503 people signed up for the Early To Rise Insiders so that’s 500 copies of the book that will go out for free. If you’re not on the list yet you can join by clicking

I’m asking about ten people to endorse the book and I hope to have those back in a week or so. The response from readers has been great so far and I’m grateful that I know a few people whose name might help the book sell a bit more.

Every time I add content I also add more typos but they’re getting discovered and fixed quickly thanks to the large amount of helpful Insiders.

This process will go faster and smoother next time. This time I’m just learning. I’m OK with that.

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